Keeping your families connected during isolation 

Kindy Groove classes are designed to give the children FUN theatrical experiences. Each class is individual and created around a unique theme. The themes can be tailored to follow the children’s interests by allowing the inspirations to come from the children.

  • Kindy Groove classes are designed to compliment your programme.  Prior to each class, we consult with you about your planning and we tailor the class to build on or expand your theme or topic.
  • In the Kindy Groove classes, every child experiences a sense of achievement because we are able to meet the diverse abilities & skills of each child.
  • Kindy Groove offers an extracurricular activity that you can provide to the children at your centre and that parents will appreciate.


Kindy Groove dance and drama classes support and relate to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework Outcomes of Identity, Community, Wellbeing, Learning and Communication and to the Australian Early Years Learning and Development Framework of Belonging, Being and Becoming

While the focus of the classes is to have fun, Kindy Groove enhances the existing preschool program utilising the Arts as a valuable learning tool by covering the following Key Learning Areas:

  • Arts & creativity — incorporating musicality, self expression
  • Health & Physical
  • Language & Communication — extending vocabulary
  • Mathematical - problem solving
  • Social & Personal / Behavioural — incorporating confidence, self esteem, patience, courtesy, courafe and responsibility

Each child takes home a note describing what we did that day, so they can share their experiences with their family.

These things make Kindy Groove relevant to you and the children by following their interests.

Kindy Groove classes can be booked as a series, (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) or as a one of for special events such as end of term parties, etc. 


We can also offer Facepainting for your special event


NEW: The Kindy Groove Dental Health Awareness Programme is a fun, interactive introduction to dental health awareness for 3 - 4 yr.olds at Kinders and childcare centres.

Kindy Groove is delighted to offer you our exciting 


ideas for fetes, market days & trivia nights