Kindy Groove dance and drama classes

classesp1Kindy Groove Classes are designed specifically for little children aged 2-5 years. We provide FUN theatrical experiences without the pressure for children to memorise steps or routines.  
Each class is individual and created around a unique theme.


FREE Kindy Groove classes at

Jungle Kids Indoor Playcentre,

2B Commercial Dve. Wallan

Kindy Groove is at Jungle Kids every Thursday morning at 10.30a.m. for a FREE 30 min dancing session. Just pay the normal entry fee to the Playcentre and join in the dancing fun.

You can come to Jungle Kids earlier and stay as long as you like, all with the one entry fee

 Call Jungle Kids,  0357834104 for enquiries 


 The Perfect structured, 

group activity for your Playgroup

Our classes are designed to teach valuable lessons and fundamental life skills whilst engaging children in a fun, playful activity. We adapt the classes to suit all age groups from 18 months – 5 years.


Kindy Groove classes are designed to be non intrusive and to cause minimal disruption to the normal flow and running of your playgroup. In alignment with Kindy Groove’s inclusion policy and to ensure all children in your group have equal opportunities to learn important life skills, we encourage all children & caregivers to participate as a group. This eliminates the isolation of any child and assists in covering the following key learning areas:

  • Arts & creativity – incorporating musicality, self expression, curiosity
  • Health & Physical – motor development 
  • Language & Communication – extending vocabulary 
  • Mathematical - counting 
  • Social & Emotional – incorporating confidence, self esteem, courage ,patience, courtesy, responsibility

All the above key learning areas are covered in every class, whilst, at the same time, each class addresses a different topic from our limitless list of topics & themes. Many of the Kindy Groove classes raise awareness and embrace cultural diversity by introducing culturally specific topics.

 How can Kindy Groove classes benefit my child?

Kindy Groove provides an alternative, fun format in complimenting and building on what is already being taught by caregivers at childcare, kinder and at home.
Through the world of dance and drama, the aim is to develop the children's musicality, creativity and self expression.

IMG 3333Dance and drama also help to improve co-ordination, gross motor skills and speech vocabulary, while of course, promoting confidence and self esteem.

During the classes we also introduce theatre etiquette in both performance and observation skills.  These involve taking turns, which help to teach patience, courtesy and co-operation.

You can book Kindy Groove to come to your Playgroup or access Kindy Groove through your child's Kindergarten or Childcare Centre

For enquiries, contact us.